A Premium Pet Supplement Company

Let Pet Pure be your Pets Cure

Our aim is to bring affordable supplements to pet owners in the UK.

When buying your pet supplements please look at the ingredients, the quality
and then the price. We can guarantee you that we at Pet Pure Supplements can compete on
quality and price if you look at the three points listed above.

Our own range is made for ourselves in the UK
and the products are produced to the highest possible standards

All our products are in a powder or liquid form, the reason for this is simply for ease of use.
All our containers can be reused by yourselves or can easily be recycled.

To run along side our own range we have the Overby Farm Range.
These products are a soft chew which are easy for a dog or cat to eat and digest,
these can be given at meal times or as a treat, great for training your pet.

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No Scoot

No Scoot For
Dogs Soft Chews


Bitter YUCK!

Bitter YUCK!
No Chew
Spray 236ml


Digestive Probiotics

Digestive Probiotics
For Dogs Soft
Chews 60pcs


Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments
For Cats
Soft Chews 60pcs